The History of Cookies and Scones
Catherine began developing recipes of gluten free versions due to her daughter’s gluten intolerance. This inspires her to bake and share healthy alternatives with others. Her current research demonstrates that using high-quality ingredients bakes flavorful cookies and scones.

Our flavorful cookies and scones are made from scratch. We use high-quality and non-frozen ingredients that DO NOT contain crustacean/shellfish, dairy, eggs, fish, gluten, guar gum, meats, peanuts, Red Dye #40, soybean, tree nuts, wheat and xanthan gum. The omission of these allergens prevents cross-contamination. (Effective date: June 11, 2019)

About Cookies and Scones
Our Food Processing Plant License is registered with the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA). We are an online wholesale bakery and our kitchen nestles in a landmark building in the Old Lacey community. Baking is a work of art, cohesion and science. At Cookies and Scones, we believe that every bite should please the palate. And, as our commitment to you, we use high-quality ingredients, make from scratch, bake and package every order. Our packaging materials consist of biodegradable and eco-friendly products.

Founder and CEO
Catherine’s introduction to the culinary arena began by preparing soulful dishes at home and in her family’s restaurant. She is a graduate and alumna of the premier South Puget Sound Community College in Olympia, Washington. Her studies includes both Baking and Pastry and Culinary Arts Programs. Her love and passion for baking and cooking continues today. Besides, baking and cooking in her medical and military careers, she seeks to hone her skills by competing in cooking competitions throughout the Pacific Northwest.

She continues to travel to various cities and states, learning the latest trends by attending classes in Savannah, Georgia, Chicago, Illinois, and Seattle-Tacoma, Washington. Her baking and culinary internship programs consists of a wide span from each other: Ann Arbor, Michigan, and Fort Lewis, Washington.

She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, baking, cooking, gardening, and reading.